Week 12 Coping with stress

Stress can get the best of everyone, especially college students. College and stress typically go hand in hand. If you don’t know how to cope with it could detrimentally effect your grades, or even worse your health.

I have found a few ways to cope with the stress that college classes bring, as well as other factors. Basically anything that takes your mind off all the things you are stressing about will decrease the amount of stressing you will be doing at that time. If I have writers block and start stressing about it I just put my lap top down, lay down, and listen to music. It really helps me to relax. A couple other ways is playing video games or going to eat with some friends. Both help to distract me from stressing.

Another way I could try to cope with stress could be getting some exercise. I believe exercise could relieve a lot of stress and keep your mind off the stressosr. I could take a long warm bath, although I don’t know where I could do that at. I could also watch a movie.

The website I visited had many ways to cope with stress. Some of the ones I mentioned are on that website. It also give negative ways to cope with stress, so that we know what not to do when stressed, but everyone has their own way of dealing with stress.


Week 10 Blog Prompt

Some people tend to think that being introverted is a bad thing or not the normal way to live in society. Instead of having your own alone time alone time you should be out socializing instead, and if you are not then you could be considered weird. It was a common misconception. The speaker in the Ted Talk said that the world needs introverts because they are creative. She talked about how being shy and being introverted do no go hand in hand. Being introversion is about how you respond to stimulation. Introverts feel more capable when in quiet environments which is the complete opposite of extroverts which feel alive from places like social gatherings.

Extroverts do seem to be more valued in a since. Schools and the workplace are typically designed for people to be more extroverted because you must interact with others. On the other hand there are jobs and school that are not like that. For instance home schooling and being a novelist. When you are being home schooled you are typically taught by a parent and the only other classmates are usually your siblings. Novelist can work from where ever they want. They can choose a place that suits their stimulation needs.

Here at Austin college there is a sort of biased towards extroverts. Most teachers give a grade on how much you participate in class. If you do not speak up then your grade can suffer. We are also required to take classes like public speaking which could put introverts in an uncomfortable place. The first semester of our freshman year we are put in a class called communication/inquiry. In this class there is alot of group projects and closely working withe every student in the class. In most of the classes the students must make speeches and presentations.

Each introvert and extrovert holds their own advantages. For example an extrovert may be able to make more friends and appear more likable because they like to be with others. Introverts like to be alone so there is a lot of time to get their work done instead of being distracted with socializing.

Week 9 blog

There were three videos for me to watch but I only got to watch due to the fact that the first video was unavailable due to copy right claims. In the two videos i watched there were studies that provided evidence that there is not only genetics that plays a role in intelligence but also environmental and social processes.
In the second video they showed how a negative stereotype can play a huge factor on students. If they are subjected to a negative stereotype that threatens the way they feel then it impacts how well they do on tests. I think that this is very important for teachers to watch for and make sure they are not doing this because it is unfair to students.
In the third video it showed how positive expectations can make kids more intelligent. There are four factors for teachers in communicating to their students which are: climate, input, response opportunity, and feedback. By setting a good environment and being nice this can help the students to want to learn. The teacher should always allow students the opportunity to respond to questions. If they get the answer right they should give positive feedback. If the student gets the answer wrong the teacher should go more in to depth to explain how they got it wrong and how to answer it correctly. I think that is a very important factor in order to communicate well with the students.
Throughout my schooling I have come across excellent and horrible teachers. An example of an excellent teacher is my Psychology 101 Professor. 🙂 Having a teacher that pushes you to do better and has high expectations for you will in return help you to learn. When coming across bad teachers it can be detrimental for some. One year I had a horrible math teacher and I hardly learned anything. From then on I have struggled with math. One way the school system could fix this is by offering summer course refreshers of the class you previously took.

Week Blog #8

The legalization for the medicinal use as well as the recreational use for marijuana is very controversial in today’s society. Many people feel strongly about one way. I don’t necessarily feel strongly about the legalization for it, but I do feel that there are benefits in legalizing it. The goverment could put taxes on it make millions if not billions on it. Also it would put cartels and other illegal dealers and distributors out of business. It would decrease the amount of people in prison, which save money on going towards prisons. I also feel that it needs to be legalized for medicinal use. On youtube there is a channel on there called Vice. They are a group of reporters. In a video called Stoned Kids, They interviewed a a family with a daughter who had a tumor in her chest. The chemotherapy was not working and so they recommended THC. Six days after the treatment the tumor was in full remission.

Now I can understand the other side of the argument. For so long we taught our children that it is an illegal drug and then all of a sudden its okay to use. An article by Charles Stimson in the Heritage foundation talks about how advocates for legalization claim that it is no more harmful then alcohol. Well studies show that alcohol has very harmful effects on people so that argument can’t be valid. Also everyone believes marijuana is highly addictive, and if it is then there is a good argument against legalization.

Week 3 Blog Prompt

In David McCollough Jr.’s commencement speech he told the audience that they were nothing near special. The audience he was specifically speaking to were the graduating students. I enjoyed the speech a lot, I think it was a reality check to most. He made it funny, entertaining and easy to listen to. To have heard this speech at my own graduation I think it would of gave me a reality check to not be so cocky. There are bigger and better things out in the real world.

Telling this to teenagers is getting them mentally and emotionally prepared for the real world; Since the key developmental task for adolescents is to resolve the conflict between identity and role confusion. If they do not make the right decisions for their future and resolve the conflict they may find it harder to to complete challenges later in life. All their life they have been given things, now they will start to get things on their own. They don’t realize how hard it will be. This message I believe is very effective and will help people understand who they are.

Blog week 3

I chose to do the topic of ‘is yawning contagious’. I actually find it hard to critique the experiment over just a four minute clip, but i definitely found quite a few of strengths and weaknesses.

Overview: They brought subjects one by one into isolated rooms. Some of the subjects would be exposed to a yawn before they enter the room. The conclusion of the experiment was that 29% of the exposed subjects yawned and 25% of the subjects not exposed to the yawn. They tested 50 subjects. They had groups of three go into separate rooms and two out of three were subjected to yawns.

They made sure to isolate each subject with the same conditions for each subject. They set up a great environment for each subject.
The person exposing the yawn was the independent variable. The dependent variable were the subjects exposed to the yawn.
They did have a control which were the people not subjected to a yawn.

I think that sitting in a small room by yourself with a sign saying quiet please could get very boring and typically when people get bored they get tired and yawn. A way they could improve this is by having the subjects doing a small task that is too physically or mentally demanding.
I think that if they put a bunch of people in a room together and had one person planted in there to yawn one time and see how many subjects yawn after the initial yawn.

Week 1 Blog – problem #2

For my psychologist I chose Sigmund Freud. Freud was an Austrian neurologist born in 1856. He is known as the father of psychoanalysis. After receiving his medical degree in 1881 he got married and had six children. One tragedy that occurred in his life is that his father died when Freud was 40. His first patient that he analyzed was himself. Some problems that Freud had are he had a phobia of traveling, fainted in the presence of gifted men that were his friends, and was addicted to cigars. He smoked about 25 to 30 a day. This is what caused his death. He also did not understand women.
Psychoanalysis is a treatment where you make the unconscious thoughts and dreams become your conscious thoughts. Freud believed every problem someone had can go back to before they were the age of five.
I think that Freud had issues with his parents when he was very young that caused him to be the way he was. Maybe his mom wasn’t loving to him so he was confused as a boy. Which makes him not understand women in the future. Also maybe he just didn’t care for his mom as much as he did for his dad. Maybe he looked up to his dad quite a bit and his father maybe smoked a lot of cigars which is why Freud became such an addict. When Freud was very young thy moved from where he was born to a new city. This could have been the reason why he had a phobia of traveling. The reason he faints in front of his gifted male friends could be that he felt he could never be good enough. Maybe he thought he could never amount to anything because he believed he could never be as great as his father.
So since he was his first patient he maybe put all these connections together and came up with the theory that all your problems now are from when you were a child. He had to go in to his unconscious to find these problems and that is how came up with psychoanalysis.