Introductory Blog “About Me”

-Why i chose to take this class

I chose to take this class because I find psychology very interesting. If I enjoy this class enough I may end up majoring or minoring in psychology. I hope to learn more about the brain and human behavior. Learning about myself and why i do things will be interesting.

-which three topics from the syllabus look the most interesting

1. drugs, alcohol, and the brain
This topic seems very interesting because I assuming it will be about what drugs and alcohol do to the brain. As well as what makes people want them so bad, and why they are “enjoyable”.

2. Memory encoding, retrieval, and failures
This topic seems interesting because I think our memory would be something cool to lean about and better understand. Why can we remember some things but not others? Also I hope to learn tricks to remembering things better.

3. Sleep
This topic is interesting to me because i love to sleep. I want to know why I dream sometimes and can remember some of it or none of it. I also hope to learn about lucid dreaming and other cool things about why we sleep.

-what three topics look the least interesting

1. scientific method
This topic doesn’t seem very interesting because it sounds like a typical science class. It is also still introducing psychology.

2. psychology then and now
This topic doesn’t seem interesting because it sounds like a history lesson. But I still want to learn about it.

3. research methods
This topic is not interesting to me because it just seems like we are going to learn about ways to research. So although i do need to learn this it just does not seem interesting.

– One question I want to be able to answer by the time this class is over

What is psychology all about?


2 thoughts on “Introductory Blog “About Me”

  1. I also really love sleep. I really want to learn how to memorize material quickly too since I’m taking 5 classes this semester. I also don’t really care for the history of psychology because it’s all factual and I suck at memorizing anything. I’m like a goldfish…


  2. We will definitely be covering the things you highlighted in what you’re most excited about, with the exception of lucid dreaming. We’ll touch on it briefly, but the topic would make an interesting extra credit paper option (see syllabus for details).


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