Week 1 Blog – problem #2

For my psychologist I chose Sigmund Freud. Freud was an Austrian neurologist born in 1856. He is known as the father of psychoanalysis. After receiving his medical degree in 1881 he got married and had six children. One tragedy that occurred in his life is that his father died when Freud was 40. His first patient that he analyzed was himself. Some problems that Freud had are he had a phobia of traveling, fainted in the presence of gifted men that were his friends, and was addicted to cigars. He smoked about 25 to 30 a day. This is what caused his death. He also did not understand women.
Psychoanalysis is a treatment where you make the unconscious thoughts and dreams become your conscious thoughts. Freud believed every problem someone had can go back to before they were the age of five.
I think that Freud had issues with his parents when he was very young that caused him to be the way he was. Maybe his mom wasn’t loving to him so he was confused as a boy. Which makes him not understand women in the future. Also maybe he just didn’t care for his mom as much as he did for his dad. Maybe he looked up to his dad quite a bit and his father maybe smoked a lot of cigars which is why Freud became such an addict. When Freud was very young thy moved from where he was born to a new city. This could have been the reason why he had a phobia of traveling. The reason he faints in front of his gifted male friends could be that he felt he could never be good enough. Maybe he thought he could never amount to anything because he believed he could never be as great as his father.
So since he was his first patient he maybe put all these connections together and came up with the theory that all your problems now are from when you were a child. He had to go in to his unconscious to find these problems and that is how came up with psychoanalysis.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 Blog – problem #2

  1. Freud seems to have had many problems. I had no idea that he had the tendency to pass out. That could also stem from the fact that he was friends with these extremely gifted people. It is possible that he didn’t have a ton of friends as a young kid and the fact that his friends are so amazing now could cause his mind to shut down for a time. I know several people personally who find it hard to be friends with extremely talented people. Freud could have had an alternate form of this. Also, Freud’s confusion with women, should most likely be attributed to his mother like you said. I think that his confusion might be more attributed to that his mom might have had less to do with his upbringing or that she might have been really reserved. Overall, though, I believe you made reasonable and thoughtful conclusions as to his behavior.


  2. Sigmund Freud was one of the most prominent psychologists in history. His idea of psychoanalysis is both interesting and hysterical. Conclusions Sigmund came to when observing himself might be close to what you were speculating about what caused his problems. The problem Freud had with women could also be from a lack of interaction with the opposite sex. I believe your speculation of why Freud had an addiction to cigars could be plausible. A close relation to his father combined with faint images of seeing his father constantly smoke cigars could have created his fixation with cigars. I also liked your hypothesis on why Freud had a phobia of traveling. Freud might have had fond memories of his first home, and after moving he might have experienced harder times or a less enjoyable environment to grow up in. The reason Freud fainted in front of gifted people might also stem from poor relations with his father. Freud might have had a disapproving father who never praised his achievements while valuing other children’s achievements. Whatever the reasons for his problems psychoanalysis is an effective way of answering the “why” of psychology.


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