Week 3 Blog Prompt

In David McCollough Jr.’s commencement speech he told the audience that they were nothing near special. The audience he was specifically speaking to were the graduating students. I enjoyed the speech a lot, I think it was a reality check to most. He made it funny, entertaining and easy to listen to. To have heard this speech at my own graduation I think it would of gave me a reality check to not be so cocky. There are bigger and better things out in the real world.

Telling this to teenagers is getting them mentally and emotionally prepared for the real world; Since the key developmental task for adolescents is to resolve the conflict between identity and role confusion. If they do not make the right decisions for their future and resolve the conflict they may find it harder to to complete challenges later in life. All their life they have been given things, now they will start to get things on their own. They don’t realize how hard it will be. This message I believe is very effective and will help people understand who they are.


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