Week Blog #8

The legalization for the medicinal use as well as the recreational use for marijuana is very controversial in today’s society. Many people feel strongly about one way. I don’t necessarily feel strongly about the legalization for it, but I do feel that there are benefits in legalizing it. The goverment could put taxes on it make millions if not billions on it. Also it would put cartels and other illegal dealers and distributors out of business. It would decrease the amount of people in prison, which save money on going towards prisons. I also feel that it needs to be legalized for medicinal use. On youtube there is a channel on there called Vice. They are a group of reporters. In a video called Stoned Kids, They interviewed a a family with a daughter who had a tumor in her chest. The chemotherapy was not working and so they recommended THC. Six days after the treatment the tumor was in full remission.

Now I can understand the other side of the argument. For so long we taught our children that it is an illegal drug and then all of a sudden its okay to use. An article by Charles Stimson in the Heritage foundation talks about how advocates for legalization claim that it is no more harmful then alcohol. Well studies show that alcohol has very harmful effects on people so that argument can’t be valid. Also everyone believes marijuana is highly addictive, and if it is then there is a good argument against legalization.


4 thoughts on “Week Blog #8

  1. I also do not have any strong feelings towards marijuana legalization. I also support your statement of having the government tax it. This could not only help boost the economy, but it could also rid the United States of the drug cartels. Additionally, why are so many people opposed to the legalization? Many are all for cigarettes or alcohol, which have known bad side effects, but are completely against the thought of legalizing marijuana. I think that we, the United States, should go ahead and legalize it. Though saying that, it does need restrictions like the cigarette. It shouldn’t just be a “free for all”, it should have some regulations. It should also be researched by the FDA and to show the effects (negative and positive). Additionally if the FDA is researching it, they could also ensure quality and control the standards like they do for other food or drugs. I think it would be interesting to have people that are for or against write their reasoning down and include their thoughts on what its effects are (good and bad).


  2. smontanez14 says:

    I also do not have strong feelings either way on the legalization of marijuana, but I feel like you brought up fantastic points on pro legalization. I feel like the situation is very similar to how the regulation of tobacco went hundreds of years ago. If we look at how the tobacco industry has boomed, it is easy to correlate how the marijuana industry could make an equally huge impact on the American consumer culture. Like tobacco, the government would have to place strict rules on who can and cannot grow it, as well as strict regulations on selling it. I do agree, however though that this industry could make our country billions of dollars and result in a lot of good for the war on drugs. I believe that once the stigma that is associated with marijuana is erased then we can begin to make huge leaps as a country in a possibly life changing industry.


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