Week 10 Blog Prompt

Some people tend to think that being introverted is a bad thing or not the normal way to live in society. Instead of having your own alone time alone time you should be out socializing instead, and if you are not then you could be considered weird. It was a common misconception. The speaker in the Ted Talk said that the world needs introverts because they are creative. She talked about how being shy and being introverted do no go hand in hand. Being introversion is about how you respond to stimulation. Introverts feel more capable when in quiet environments which is the complete opposite of extroverts which feel alive from places like social gatherings.

Extroverts do seem to be more valued in a since. Schools and the workplace are typically designed for people to be more extroverted because you must interact with others. On the other hand there are jobs and school that are not like that. For instance home schooling and being a novelist. When you are being home schooled you are typically taught by a parent and the only other classmates are usually your siblings. Novelist can work from where ever they want. They can choose a place that suits their stimulation needs.

Here at Austin college there is a sort of biased towards extroverts. Most teachers give a grade on how much you participate in class. If you do not speak up then your grade can suffer. We are also required to take classes like public speaking which could put introverts in an uncomfortable place. The first semester of our freshman year we are put in a class called communication/inquiry. In this class there is alot of group projects and closely working withe every student in the class. In most of the classes the students must make speeches and presentations.

Each introvert and extrovert holds their own advantages. For example an extrovert may be able to make more friends and appear more likable because they like to be with others. Introverts like to be alone so there is a lot of time to get their work done instead of being distracted with socializing.


3 thoughts on “Week 10 Blog Prompt

  1. kljaustin says:

    Here’s a warning: I’m a proud extrovert so my opinion may be somewhat biased.

    My sister is an introvert, and a proud one at that. She owns a shirt that reads, “Introverts unite! We’re here, we’re uncomfortable, and we want to go home.” She has never found that being an introvert has ever influenced her performance in classes at her high school (which, like AC, are very discussion and participation-based). She’s only ever overwhelmed in groups that are larger than about 5. Any party she hosts ends by 11 because she gets physically and psychologically exhausted by being around too many people.

    I actually disagree with you. I would argue that it’s not introversion vs. extroversion that influences people’s performance at AC, but rather how comfortable they are with articulating their thoughts. True, a painfully shy person would have trouble with this, but I think an introvert could succeed at AC.

    I’m also not sure about introverts necessarily being more creative. Instead, maybe it stems from how introverts and extroverts choose to spend their time. Introverts could “recharge” their energy taken from being around other people by being alone and practicing an instrument or drawing. Extroverts probably enjoy ensembles more than individual rehearsal (which is what I tend to prefer).

    While sometimes I don’t understand my sister or her introvert *cough* antisocial *cough* ways, I can understand how human interaction can be draining. When my extended family is in town over the holidays, my sister and I both tend to find our own little corner and hide. Maybe I’m not such a total extrovert, or maybe my family is just that annoying…


  2. I have to agree that yes there is a inherent bias towards extroverts here at Austin college. I remember my freshman year my CI forced us to do a lot a group work and presentations too. Some students and teachers may argue that these experiences are important but I would respectfully disagree. They seem to forget that most of us have spent our entire lives in school and have already done numerous group activities, projects, and oral presentations. We already have these experiences we don’t need to do the exact same thing again. Students at Austin college should already know by now if they like working in groups. Also isn’t the whole point of higher learning is for the student to be able to have choices. I’m not saying introverted students should get special treatment or anything like that all i’m saying is that they shouldn’t be penalized for it.


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