Week 12 Coping with stress

Stress can get the best of everyone, especially college students. College and stress typically go hand in hand. If you don’t know how to cope with it could detrimentally effect your grades, or even worse your health.

I have found a few ways to cope with the stress that college classes bring, as well as other factors. Basically anything that takes your mind off all the things you are stressing about will decrease the amount of stressing you will be doing at that time. If I have writers block and start stressing about it I just put my lap top down, lay down, and listen to music. It really helps me to relax. A couple other ways is playing video games or going to eat with some friends. Both help to distract me from stressing.

Another way I could try to cope with stress could be getting some exercise. I believe exercise could relieve a lot of stress and keep your mind off the stressosr. I could take a long warm bath, although I don’t know where I could do that at. I could also watch a movie.

The website I visited had many ways to cope with stress. Some of the ones I mentioned are on that website. It also give negative ways to cope with stress, so that we know what not to do when stressed, but everyone has their own way of dealing with stress.


2 thoughts on “Week 12 Coping with stress

  1. I agree and think that stress has a clear and dramatic impact on college students. Stress can cause students to make decisions they would not normally make. I would also like to say my roommate has similar stress management strategies. He likes to just sit down and listen to music and relax. I personally like to play video games that are immersive enough to distract me from whats stressing me and I also enjoy reading books. If neither of those work for me I go and find some of my closest friends. Sometimes talking about things with someone and getting your feelings out there is really important. Also another stress management technique that you may be interested in trying is meditation or breathing exercises. Both are great ways to relax and empty your mind. Meditation is also really easy to do and can be done virtually everywhere and its not like yoga where you need a lot of space to do it.


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